Heavily influenced by Giallo, a genre of Italian horror popularized in the late 60’s and 70’s by masters like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, Blood Rites is a macabre mystery of murder, drug use and the occult. It was supposed to be an easy deal for Jason and Nikki: buy the drugs, cut them at an abandoned warehouse, then sell them on the street and rake in the cash.  When the drug deal goes bad and Jason disappears, Nikki is trapped on an upper floor of the warehouse with a vicious ex-military enforcer, a gunshot victim, a violent addict and his three hostages. Leaving the building is not an option.  All the exits have been blocked.  And somewhere in the darkness is something with a taste for blood and a love of pain.  The bad guys are being stalked by something worse.  For a great demon demands to be born from the fiery depths of hell and its faithful servant has planned a bizarre blood rite that will leave no vein untapped.  Blood will flow.  Hell is coming.


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Karis Yanike (Nikki)

Karis Yanike as NikkiOriginally from Omaha, NE, Karis has been a Lincoln resident for the past six years.  She enjoys the creative process from start to finish, whether it be music, art or filmmaking. Karis also writes and directs her own shorts from time to time. She has appeared in "Wake the Witch" and "Way to go, Christine!".

Mark Dews (Axel)

Mark Dews as AxelFrom an early age Mark knew he wanted to entertain people.  Born in York, England, he caught the acting bug at the age of 8 when he wrote, directed and starred in his first stage production.  Eventually he decided that the US was the place he needed to be to quench his thirst for performing.  Since arriving in the States, Mark has appeared in several films including Topler/Champoux Productions adaptation of Richard Dooling's "Bush Pig"s and local comedy "Hacky Slacker".  In his spare time, Mark enjoys playing soccer, making music, traveling, screenwriting and more acting.

Shaun Vetick (Darrin)

Shaun Vetick as DarrinShaun was born in Nebraska in 1977 but considers himself a traveler by nature. He has been known to take international trips with very little notice.  Shaun has high energy levels, great curiosity and has been interested in comics, novels, music and film from an early age.  Always trying new things and craving new experiences, he has been involved in art his entire life. Acting is the perfect outlet for this motivation.  Shaun is the official fight choreographer for "Blood Rites" and trains regularly at Moy Yat Kung Fu in Omaha, NE.  www.kungfuomaha.com

Christina Marie Leonard (Diz)

Christina Leonard as DizBorn and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where she began taking acting classes at age nine at the Rose Theatre.  A few years later she started auditioning for community theatre, and then began doing school plays for her four years at Millard South High School.  In high school, she was eager to try acting for film, and spent her summers taking an Acting for Film class at UCLA and one at Pepperdine. After high school, she began college at UNL, majoring in theatre performance where she has performed in several plays and student films.  Through contacts from previous auditions, she found out about the "Blood Rites" casting call, and auditioned for what has become one of the most wonderful ensembles she has experienced so far.

Christopher Michael O'Neill (Brother Abram)

Christopher Michael O'Neil as AbramChristopher’s 1st acting role was in 5th grade as Robby, the boy who saved Christmas.  He started playing D&D in Boy Scout troop 494. So writing stories and portraying characters is something he has loved since an early age. He is a member of the Camarilla, the fan club of White-Wolf publishing, and has been live action role playing since 1991. Christopher was in a double feature at the Blue Barn while in Omaha and did a summer feature in University of Nebraska at Omaha's Box Theater. This is his 1st movie role and the experience, along with moving to Lincoln, Nebraska, has been enlightening!

Jeanne Kern (Sister Anani)

Jeanne Kern as Sister AnaniJeanne has appeared on stages in Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, and Nebraska.  Though in real life she is relatively normal and taught high school in Texas for years and years, she relishes her role as Sister Anani in "Blood Rites".  She was also in Barstool Cowboy and Wake the Witch.  Her book, “Trips and Whales and Puppy Dog Tales”, a romance novel, reflects the love she and husband Rich have for travel.

Allison Scott (Sister Adna)

Allison Scott as Sister AdnaContrary to the character she plays in Blood Rites, Allison does not enjoy cults, Amish clothing, or incessantly crying. Her real interests include playing the piano or ukulele, people watching, theme parties, biking, cowgirl boots, and breaking her bones. After spending the summer in Costa Rica, Allison intends to move out to Los Angeles to continue studying acting at the Margie Haber Studio.

Eric Moyer (Detective Frey)

Eric Moyer as Detective FreyEric Moyer is a veteran film and television actor with notable appearances in "Days of Our Lives", "The Andy Dick Show", various movies, and a supporting role in a short lived sitcom titled, "Go Fish".  He received his formal actor's training at the University of Nebraska and continued studying with legendary acting coach, Janet Alhanti upon moving to Los Angeles.  After many memorable years in California, Eric returned to Nebraska to raise a family with his wife of ten years, Heidi.  Together they have a son named Vail and three impudent cats.

Robert-Kingston Green (Detective Green)

Kingston Phillips as Detective GreenBorn in Jamaica, Kingston moved to the states in the mid 90's to go to college.  He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1999.  Kingston has done numerous commercials locally, and has traveled to Los Angeles over the past two years to attend casting workshops and work with acting coach Crystal Carson.  He found "Blood Rites" through his membership with the Nebraska Film Group and was lucky enough to be cast as the young, eager Detective Green.

Colby Coash (Sergeant Merrill)

Colby Coash as Sergeant MerrillColby met director Dorothy Booraem while campaigning for his seat in the Nebraska Legislature.  They reconnected when newly elected Senator Coash worked to pass a Nebraska Film incentive bill.  As Colby had performed regularly on stage throughout college at UNL and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Theater, he jumped at the chance to be part of Blood Rites.   "Blood Rites" is Colby’s second film.  His other screen credit is "My Antonia".

Walter J. McDowell III (Store Clerk)

Walter McDowell as Store ClerkBorn and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Walter has had a life long love affair with movies and acting and felt very fortunate to be cast in the film "Blood Rites". He is currently working on other acting projects and some projects in the area of the visual arts. Walter, an avid World of Warcraft player, is up to five level 80 characters.  He lives in Lincoln with his wife Abby and kids Claire, Kaysia, Maya, and Hezekiah.

Katrina Adams (Donna)

Katrina Adams as DonnaThis is Katrina's first film. She's excited to be involved with "Blood Rites" and would like to thank Unfiltered Entertainment for the experience. Katrina has previous stage experience with Spank Candy Burlesque in Omaha, NE. She looks forward to future filming opportunities.


Nicole Siegrist (Tarra)

Nicole Siegrist as Tarra Louis

A Lincoln, NE native, this is Nicole's film debut. Nicole is a badass. In her free time she likes to draw, sew, ride her bike 3,000 miles and rock your face off with her mad "key" skills.



Britany Dailey (Tabitha)

Britany Dailey as TabithaBritany has a string of acting credits including "Cheerleader Camp: 2 the Death" and "Heartless". She also works behind the camera assisting wherever she can. 



Alison Lechtenberger (Roommate)

Alison Lechtenberger as RoommateA local, aspiring actress from Omaha, Nebraska, Alison comes from a long line of entertaining women in her family, and after being inspired by her mom, she's chasing a dream.   She feel very privileged to be a part of"Blood Rites" and has enormous respect for anyone following their heart as she follows hers.


Unfiltered Entertainment, Inc. (UE) began in 2006 as a privately owned Nebraska corporation with a mission to create original entertainment content for theatrical, home video, cable television, IPTV, the Internet, and mobile device distribution.  Their low-budget, independent approach to creating original content and the abundance of local talent in Nebraska makes the UE production model possible. UE's Wake the Witch received nation wide VOD distribution is 2009 and will soon be added to the "Watch It Now" selections on Netflix.

Dorothy Booraem, Co-Writer/Producer/Director

Dorothy is a producer at Time Warner Cable, where she creates commercials for local businesses. Dorothy has written, directed, produced and edited many short films, notably "The Deadly Bridal Shower”, a 3 minute short about a woman who reluctantly goes to the bridal shower of an old college friend and discovers she doesn't fit in.  In 2008, Dorothy wrote and directed "Wake the Witch", a feature length horror thriller about the evil spirit of a witch that terrorizes a small town.  "Wake the Witch" will be available on Netflix in the fall of 2010.

Chad Haufschild, Writer/Producer/Director of Photography

Chad has been involved in various capacities on over 40 short films, music videos, and industrial projects. As a writer he has received statewide and regional competitive recognition. As a producer/director he has completed 14 short films and completed his first digital feature in 2005. Chad’s leadership skills have sharpened with each and every film project. As Vice President and President of the Nebraska Independent Film Projects, NIFP, he has shown an ability to work through difficult projects with limited budgets and volunteer labor. 

Andrew Johnson, Producer/Legal/DIT/Props

Andrew’s comprehensive understanding of current and emerging technologies is invaluable to UE. He has participated in five short film productions, one feature length production and has written and produced a short of his own, “5840”, which he has recently re-edited and re-released as “5840 V2”. Over the last year he has turned his attention to animation and visual effects, putting his problem solving skills to work on streamlining the animation production process for both high definition digital films and video games.

Wes Staley, Makeup Designer/FX Makeup/FX

Rose moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to work with award winning makeup artist Kenny Myers, and attended the Makeup Designory in Burbank CA in 2007. Unfiltered Entertainment's Wake the Witch was her exciting first step as the makeup designer for an entire production! Now she's stepping it up a notch with Blood Rites.

Chris “Tiny” Swan, Assistant Director

Chris “Tiny” Swan was born in Glendale, CA in 1983 and grew up in the Mojave desert just outside of Desert Hot Springs, CA. He graduated high school in North Platte, NE and moved to Denver, CO where he graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation. He has worked on several commercials for John Elway Chevrolet, was the lead Graphic Designer for The North Platte Telegraph, headed the 3D modeling dept. for an independent computer game, interned with Jaleco on the production of “Goblin Commander” and is an avid musician around the town of Lincoln, NE, where he currently resides. His true love, film, has been his main focus for many years. He has written three feature-length scripts, six short film scripts and is currently writing a fourth feature-length  He is the Assistant Director for Unfiltered Entertainment Productions', “Blood Rites” (2010) and is the Assistant Coordinator/Production Assistant of Black Anvil Productions', “Geocachers” (2010). His goal is to be a Writer/Director.

Matt Vrtiska, First Assistant Camera

Born and raised in Lincoln, Ne.  Attended University of Nebraska – Lincoln and majored in Film and New Media.  Worked on student films in many areas including writing, directing, camera, lighting and sound.  First worked on Treasure Hunters for NBC and Yes Man for Warner Bros as a Production Assistant.  Began working as a Data Downloader on April Showers using the Dalsa Origin II.  Currently working freelance as a Digital Image Tech / Data Downloader in Lincoln, Ne. and planning to move to L.A. in October.

Mike Johnson, Grip, Gaffer, Camera Assistant

Mike has been interested in and watching movies since before he could talk, Jim Henson and the Muppets being a huge contributing factor to his early development. Moving pictures, apparently, had quite the effect on him as a child, as it's become his life's ambition to make them for himself. In that pursuit, he splits his time between writing screenplays and watching as many movies as he can get his hands on and being a general goofball and all around awesome dude.

Pete Lipins, Assistant to the DP

Pete’s first feature film, Killer, premiered in Lincoln, NE, in June 2008. His credits in the local filmmaking community also include acting, camera work, props department and production design. Pete brings the underground sensibilities of the garage band to the filmmaking process. A philosophy of raw energy, creativity, experimentation, and collaboration makes Pete a great asset to the production process.

Brittany Widhalm, Set Blogger/PA

A sophomore at East High, Brittany enjoys singing, dancing, writing, reading, and talking in third person.  She's lived in Lincoln, NE her whole life and plans to go to UNL when she graduates in '12. She joined the crew of Blood Rites when a friend of hers, who had originally been asked to do the blogging but didn't have the time, asked her if she was interested.  This is her first movie set and has been a very interesting, very entertaining experience.


shocktillyoudrop.com Reports... Indie Watch: Senator Takes Part in Blood Rites Source:OmahaMarch 17, 2010

State Senator Colby Coash of Nebraska is going to try his hand at horror films. He's committed to play Sergeant Bob Merrill in the indie Blood Rites. That's about as far as Omaha.com's report goes in terms of information, but with a little digging, we've learned the film is written by Chad Haufschild and directed by Dorothy Booraem. Unfiltered Entertainment is producing. Read more at:

1011Now.com Reports Neb. Senator to Play Role in Horror Film

Nebraska State Senator Colby Coash will play the role of "Sergeant Bob Merrill" in the HD feature length horror movie "Blood Rites"; produced by Unfiltered Entertainment, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska this April. Read more at:

Girls and Corpses Team Up with TomCat Films for ‘Blood Rites’

Girls And Corpses Presents first release under the TomCat label, is Blood Rites, which goes on sale April 1st on DVD and has been selected to run cable VOD by Gravitas on 6/1/15 and will be available on the following USA affiliates: COX, DISH network, Charter On Demand, Tecko, Mediacom, SuddenLink, RCN, Optimum, Bresnan Communications. Frontier And in Canada: Rogers on Demand, Cogeco Cable, Eastlink TV and others. Read more at: 

Blood Rites Press Kit

Blood Rites Press Kit

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